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Lise is an English-speaking hair salon, staffed by skilled hairstylists with training in conversational English. We offer a unique and exceptional experience through our innovative coloring techniques and unparalleled skills that will leave you truly impressed.

What we offer

Even more beautiful hair

Individual proposals guided by years of research for each customer


Clients include tourists, international residents, models, artists, and other celebrities


90+% customer satisfaction and 4.5 rating on Google Maps



Customer's Voice

The staff spoke good English so it was a very comfortable experience. My hair stylist provided proper consulting and recommendations in regards to the hair length and the color. I am happy with the results!
I got my hair dyed, bangs trimmed, and a hime cut. The service was in English, so I was able to explain what I wanted to have done to my hair comfortably. Overall I had a very good experience.
Beautiful salon, lovely team and left very happy with a great new cut and colour
- if you want to treat yourself while you’re in Tokyo, I highly recommend!

About Us

At Lise, we provide high-quality services using top-of-the-line equipment and proprietary technology in the industry. 

Our strong foundation in chemical and technical theory allows us to offer stable and satisfying services to all customers, ranging from bobs and short styles to long hairstyles. 

Furthermore, our staff has acquired English conversation skills to ensure that customers from around the world, including Asia, North America, and Europe, can enjoy our services. Come and experience quality and relaxation at our English-friendly salon, Lise.

Our Team

Owner, Hair stylist


This is Matsuyama, the owner of Lise. Thank you for visiting our homepage. At Lise, we have many high-level techniques and chemicals that you won't find at other beauty salons.
I myself was part of the development team for the most trusted coloring agent in Japan.
We use high-level techniques to create special and healthy hairstyles that fit your bone structure, facial expression, hair, living environment, etc., using current hair designs, new hair designs, and standard hair designs.
Please come and experience the most beautiful beauty in your history, created through mutual trust between our customers and us.

Hair stylist


2018 Graduated from Tokyo Belle Epoque Beauty College
  Joined Lise
2019 Stylist debut

I learned hairdressing skills at Lise from the age of 18 and made her debut as a stylist a year after graduation.
Using cutting techniques taught directly by owner Matsuyama, l specializes in short, bob, and layered cuts.
I have a lot of repertoire of warm colors using Lise's original colors.
We have a wealth of knowledge about Lise's original chemicals, which are created with hair and health in mind, and will provide the best information to our customers.
I like outdoor sports and am active every day. Please let us know about your happy life!

Price list

(incl. tax)

Cut  ______________________  ¥7,150
____________________  ¥7,700-
____________________  ¥7,700-
___________   ¥20,350
_______________  ¥4,400
Shampoo & Blow Dry 
____  ¥4,400

※1. Shampoo and Blow-dry fee will be charged without Cut service.
※2. 【color】For double process and more, we will charge +7700 yen for each process. 
※3. Payment can be accepted with credit card or cash, please.
※4. If you are dissatisfied with the final result, we offer one complimentary touch-up within one week from the service date. Please kindly understand that this offer is valid for one session only.     

Combo Menu


Cut + Original color  ¥18,150

*Treatment amount [5-6 times that of regular color]

Cut + Original color + Original bleach  ¥29,150

*Treatment volume [5-6 times that of regular color & bleach]

Cut + Super straightening +Treatment  ¥31,900



Setoru Jingūmae 2F
3 – 5 – 4 jingūmae 
shibuya-ku, Tokyo
“5min walk from OMOTESANDO Station.”
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.